■ CG / VFX
● The comprehensive visual image production studio, GRAPHINICA
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GRAPHINICA is a VFX/3DCGI studio transferred originally from Studio GONZO’s Digital VFX Team, a pioneer in digital animation such as LAST EXILE and AFRO SAMURAI.

While best known for the production of VFX and 3DCGI for digital animation works, GRAPHINICA also offers a wide range of services from art production, graphic and color design to editing.

  • * The Workflow of Animation Production
  • CGVFX_Workflow
  • * GRAPHINICA provides a full coordination service for animation production.

● Business Content
  • VFX (Compositing) :
    • The overall composition and VFX services using After Effects as the main software.
  • 3DCGI :
    • The overall 3DCGI service, including modeling, animation, BG and effects, mainly using Max and Maya.
  • Editing :
    • A total of three rooms with two AvidDS Nitris and one Finalcut (three on-site operators).
      The output formats include HDCAM-SR, HDCAM, Digital BETACAM, BETACAM SP, DVD and VHS.
      Also working in collaboration with Q-TEC’s SUGINAMI Studio.
  • Color Design:
    • The overall color coordination services (design, coordination, inspection, coloring, etc.) for animation works.
      Furthermore, have experience in texture designing and mapping.
  • Graphic Design:
    • Design services including motion graphic designs.
● Live-action VFX
In addition to animation production, GRAPHINICA also has actively engaged in the production of live-action VFX, with a rich experience in a wide range of genres, from music clips and theatrical works to TV spots, TV drama series and footages for various events, among others. GRAPHINICA adds new depth to the contents by applying the experiences and techniques gained from animation works.
● Integrating 2D-3D Conversion and Animation Composition
By utilizing the animation composition (VFX) technology of GRAPHINICA together with our 2D-3D conversion technology, we have accumulated a respectable amount of knowledge and experience in converting animation works into S3D. Furthermore, by sharing our technologies with each other, we are able to offer an even more efficient 2D-3D conversion service.
  • * Latest Work
  • hellsing
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