Q-tec celebrates its 20th birthday in 2009 and for this we have drawn up what we call the Q-TEC WAY.
The Q-TEC WAY is the [Principles] that we as a Corporation will forever view as our goal and strive for, The [Vision] of how we want to be seen as a model corporation, and a [Behavioral Agenda] that lays out how each member of our company should conduct his everyday job.

■ Corporate Principles
The realization of a caring society with richer lives
We will constantly thrice to make dreams come true and to inspire
■ Our Vision
We will enthrall the world with our sublime imaging technologies
■ Behavioral Agenda
  1. 1. Respecting corporate compliances
    1. On top of our strict adherence to laws and corporate regulations we work to be the role model citizens to society
  2. 2.Customer Service
    1. With quality, Technique and trust as our core principles we provide the best service to serve our customers needs.
      We do not just simply DO the job, we make lasting partnerships with our customers.
  3. 3.Teamwork
    1. By respecting each members individuality we work together to create a highly efficient team.
  4. 4.Our work is our passion
    1. We always challenge our selves to provide make dreams come true and inspire,
      and no matter how much pressure we are under, we never forget our passion in creating.

Corporate Information [Company profile]

Company NameQ-TEC,INC.
President & CEOTomonori Furusako
Head Office6-14-15 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052, Japan
Description of Business (1) Rental, Developing, Producing, Planning and Programming of Digital Data Recording and Storing of Digital data
(2) Digital Rights Management of film, music and Digital Data/ Creation and use of Copyrighted Works
(3) Sales and rental of images, films, music and computer related devices/ Production, Development, Sales and rental of film, music editing related devices
(4) Renting of Studios
(5) Planning, Developing and conducting of events and festivals
Capital1,118,429 USD
Stock Holders Memory-Tech Holdings Inc.
Affiliates Graphinica, Inc.
Bamboo Mountain, Inc.
Fiscal TermThe end of March
Number of Employees209 As of Feb. 2011